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Jacksonville's premier Artificial Turf Installer
ProGreen Exclusive Certified Dealer & Installer
  • Pet Turf

  • Back & Front Yards

  • Putting Greens

  • Playgrounds and Schools

  • Dog Parks

  • Multipurpose Areas

  • Commercial Application & landscape

  • Turf Maintenance + ReFresh

  • Turf Repair


Residential & Commercial

We are fully Licensed & Insured small family owned & operated business that CARE about you and your project from start to finish and beyond . 

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Thank you for considering our SMALL Family Business!  

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Home: Why Synthetic Grass?

"We are committed to conserving our planet one yard at a time." Turfside LLC
Why Synthetic Grass ?


  • No more dirt or mud to be tracked into your home

  • ELIMINATE PESTICIDES & FERTILIZERS – We know how toxic these are. Why let your pet drag this into your home? Pesticides are linked to disease including cancers and have detrimental effects to yours and your pet's health.

  • No Wear and tear- We know dogs love to play. Our premier turf and infill is made specifically for dogs. Our K9 turf is made to specifically withstand wear and tear caused by pets. While, our pet infill also serves as a barrier to support the fibers against matting down so that your furry friends can run, wrestle, fetch and play.

  • Easy Clean Up. Scoop and your done. 

  • No brown spots caused by urine

  • No digging, no holes in your yard

  • No pests such as fleas or ticks, helping prevent the spread of disease.

  • Our 100% organic infill application stops odors from forming by trapping the gas odor from forming containing an organic enzyme which counteracts the ammonia in the urine. 

  • Completely safe and non toxic for dogs and pets. 

  • Will not cause harm to paws even with the heat in Florida! 

  • Most important DOGS LOVE IT!

All the ECO FRIENDLY Benefits


11111NO MORE CHEMICALS, NO MORE PESTICIDES  that have been proven to be detrimental to the health of both pets and humans. 

  • These CHEMICALS when applied also run off when it rains into our waterways and storm drains causing even more damage than we know. 

  • OUR Turf is 100% RECYCLABLE and will NEVER EVER end up in a landfill. The fibers can be easily melted down to create new products. So at the end of it's 25 year life span, new products can be made and will not end up being tossed into a landfill. 

  • Installing artificial grass can earn LEED Credits for your home, which is one of the highest level of of distinction for the GREEN BUILDING INDUSTRY. 

  • Not all TURF is the same. KNOW where your turf is coming from, how it's made and where it's made. It's your yard, your investment, your health, you should know EXACTLY where your turf is coming from and what you are getting! Our Turf Manufacturer, PROGREEN has been a leader in Artificial Turf for decades and all of their turf is proudly made in the USA from start to finish. NOTHING comes from overseas. NOTHING. This means we have total control over EXACTLY what goes into every product we install.

  • No more expensive water bills, conserve 27,500 gallons of water per year based on a 500 sq feet area!

  • Our Turf by PROGREEN exceeds EPA Standards. 

  • Eliminate pests and snakes. Unlike real grass, Artificial grass does not provide a food or shelter source for bugs or snakes therefore, pests are less likely to take up residence in your yard.

  • Green all year long & resembles real grass

  • Renovate an outdoor space into a new area for the entire family to enjoy

  • 15 year warranty on Turf product and 10 year warranty on our installation! 

  • Drainage capacity that drains 500X faster than real grass. 

  • second to none pro flow technology that enables water and rain (like the rainstorms we get here in Florida) to drain at an exceptional fast rate by allowing water to drain anywhere on the backing of our turf. No pencil sized holes to find to drain which leaves water sitting.  No more pooling or puddling of water. You will NEVER see a puddle of water on your TURF! 


Our Work

Home: Our Work

Get to Know Us

We are a SMALL locally owned FAMILY Business with a mighty mission. Each one of our household family members play an active role in our business. Click below to get to know us, read our mission statement, our promise to you and to meet our furry crew. 

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Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


Thanks for contacting us! We cannot wait to chat about your project!


Tom R. 

Turfside did an amazing job. Jason and his crew were on time and on budget, with an incredible work ethic. The yard turned out great because they were meticulous with the details. We've worked with many service companies, but TURFSIDE set the standard high. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a maintenance free yard.

Sasha Castro

Amazing amazing work. Family owned and attention to detail is beyond the norm. The owner Jason is here every minute of the job, driving the machines and manually doing everything along side the workers. We are so happy with our amazing backyard.

Tanya Jacobsen
Interior and Pool Designer

Doing pool design for the last five years as interior designer I have worked with many trades. Turfside has been amazing and every one of my clients who has added turf to their project, is thrilled with the outcome and the workmanship! Five stars for this excellent company!

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